Bazaar Reza

Bazaar Reza is one of the oldest shopping malls in Mashhad on the east side of Razavi Holy Shrine and is one of the most important shopping malls for pilgrims and tourists. It is designed to look semi traditional, but is a 20th-century creation. Bazaar Reza is built in two separate floors and two corridors with about 1711 business units doing their business. These commercial units show the prominent feature which is the length of this passage. The main feature of Bazaar Reza is that it reaches more than one kilometer in length.

A large number of hotels in Mashhad are located around this bazaar. It starts from Beit al-Moghadas Square which ends on 17th Shahrivar Square and has entrance from both squares. Crossing this long market by seeing shops and goods makes it easy to overcome the time and enjoy all the variety. Bazaar Reza attracts most pilgrims’ attention because of its proximity to the shrine and they can buy whatever they need. You are faced with a wide range of goods such as prayer rug, Turbah and rosary and Mashhad perfume on the first floor which are good choices for souvenirs from Mashhad. In addition, all kinds of clothing, decorative items, turquoise rings, saffron, barberry, dried fruit and spices can be seen on the first floor of Imam Reza Market of Mashhad. There are workshops for handicrafts, turquoise, jewelry and embroidery on the second floor. You can see these workshops closely and order the things you need. Also there are shops that buy and sell saffron and nuts on the second floor and you can go there to ease your needs and necessities.

There are also many shops around Bazaar Reza that you can visit in addition to shopping from the passage and have souvenirs and various purchases. Bazaar Reza is open from 9 am to 22 pm. Note that this bazaar is closed on Friday mornings. If you want to see the crowds, you should visit the old markets of Iran including this market in Mashhad near the holy shirne of Imam Reza.

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